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As contemporary society continues to progress, we see improvements in almost every area of our lives, and this includes household furniture. Twenty years ago, the inflatable sofa was considered an item used by people who had recently moved from their parent’s homes and did not have money for the overpriced couches or sofas. The New York “hobo-chic” apartments were filled with these for young adults to enjoy until they had enough cash to purchase or rent something more suitable. Nowadays, things have changed, and the use of the inflatable couch is public knowledge making them more popular.

You may be wondering what an inflatable couch is? Think back to those television shows portraying adults trying to ‘make it’ without their parents help and the blow-up sofa they had in the lounge. Remember that? The blow-up is the inflatable couch.

Why would anyone choose to purchase an inflatable couch, also known as an air sofa, other than to seem like one of those New York hipsters? The fact is that inflatable furniture has a plethora of benefits and the purposes are often overlooked due to their silly association. This article will point out the different benefits of an inflatable couch.


Shipping Weight


Load Capacity


Intex Pull-out Sofa

19.85 lbs.

76" X 87" X 26"

440 lbs.

Intex Ultra Daybed Inflatable Lounge

13.95 lbs.

75" X 21"

540 lbs.

Intex Pull-out Chair

10.8 lbs.

65" x 35" x 25"

300 lbs.

Bestway Deluxe Inflatable Air Couch

10.9 lbs.

10' x 31" x 6"

397 lbs.

Intex Inflatable Corner Sofa

29 lbs.

101" X 80" X 30"

880 lbs.

Intex Empire Inflatable Chair

7 lbs.

44" X 43" X 27"

300 lbs.

Intex Canopy Island Inflatable Lounge

21.8 lbs.

78" X 59"


Intex Inflatable 2-In-1 Pull-Out Sofa

19.6 lbs.

14.5" x 18" x 9"

440 lbs.

The Benefits Of The Inflatable Couch

There are various uses for this type of furniture with the first being that it can offer custom firmness. The majority of new couches will present with extremely firm backs with softer sitting cushions, and while this is useful, it does not always meet the person’s preference. In many cases, you will find yourself spending hours searching for the couch that meets your softness criteria only to end up settling on the couch closest to your desired requirement. This is not the case with inflatable sofas.

When using an inflatable couch, you will be able to set the firmness quota to as firm or as soft as you please. By pushing the correct amount of air into the couch, you can make the piece of furniture as firm as you desire – more air for a firm finish or reduce the air for a softer style. It should also be noted that the cushion firmness can be altered rapidly according to a guest’s preference which is ideal should you entertain picky folks.

Intex inflatable Corner Sofa Review

Searching for a magical and beautiful corner sofa that's inflatable? You're going to hear about Intex and its inflatable products, which is why their corner sofa comes up in this review. Let's take a look at how it holds up in this review.


  • Offers Waterproof Flocked Top Surface For Durability
  • Comes With 2-In-1 Valve For Easier Inflating Process
  • Easy To Store After Deflating
  • Can Hold Up To 880 Lbs
  • Designed For Storage And Traveling
  • Comes With A Vinyl Bottom


  • Beautiful Design: The design is the first thing you are going to notice with this charming inflatable corner sofa. It is one of a kind in this regard because its materials are refined yet it is inflatable. You aren't going to find a solution such as this on the open market when it comes to overall aesthetics.
  • Cozy: It is a joy to sit on, and that is the first thing you are going to note as soon as you get a chance to use it. As a corner sofa, it is ideal in terms of the support it provides and how easy it is on the body.


  • Pricey: You are going to be paying for this, and that is an investment you have to make. However, when you see its performance, you will notice why the price is what it is. You are not going to mind it in that regard.

Concluding Thoughts

Many people don't think about what they are getting when it comes to sofas, and that is not the mindset you should be going with in the long-term. You should be going with something that's easy to navigate, and that is what you are going to see here. This is a great corner sofa, to say the least.



Ease of Use


The firmness of couch cushions can also be linked to a medical benefit for inflatable couches – the treatment of back pain. While inflatable sofas are not necessarily undisputed as a mattress for back pain, the ability to adjust firmness can help provide relief for people who suffer from back problems. The stretching of the muscles and spine can clear pain for the individual. Furthermore, if the cushion is too firm causing pain, it is possible to reduce the air and soften the surface.

One of the greatest problems with traditional couches is that the sagging of the surface as time progresses. While a couch may begin firm, the continuous use of the item will result in softening of the cushion and breaking of the springs. In fact, memory foam coaches also result in sagging after a period has passed. The inflatable couch, however, is beneficial because the surface can be inflated eliminating any possible sagging over time.

Another benefit to using an inflatable couch is that the majority of these sofas are odorless. Due to many of these couches being crafted from PVC material, there is no possibility of smells being released during manufacturing. Furthermore, smells will not be trapped over time, and it will remain odour-free. Find out more helpful info on inflatable couch care guide.

The Intex Canopy Island Inflatable Lounge Review

Just by looking at all the pictures users are posting, along with their positive reviews, it's easy to see why the Intex Canopy Island Inflatable Lounge is such a popular product. It's durable, portable, and even luxurious.

What Makes The Intex Canopy Island So Great?

  • The material and design of the inflatable lounge is practical, functional and flexible. You can use it on solid ground, or you can drift around on the water.
  • The fabric sun shade can be adjusted or removed completely, depending on how much sun you want to get.
  • The lounge has a backrest as well, making it even more comfortable and relaxing.
  • It's designed for two people, although some users state it's big enough for three to four people. There are two cup holders for more convenience, and for safety two air chambers have been added.
  • Last but not least, the design is very stylish and luxurious, as well as high quality.

What The People Think

  • With more than 200 reviews and averaging a 4.2 star score, it's reason enough to give the Intex Canopy Island a try.
  • The main reason people are happy with their purchase is the versatility of the canopy. It can be used at the beach, the pool, the lake, the backyard, and so many other places.
  • The second big reason is the overall comfort the canopy provides. Apart from just looking stylish, it just fits in with any surrounds.
  • The only big complaint between the reviews is the difficulty regarding the fabric sun shade. Installing it might be a little difficult, but it seems like an isolated incident.

The Final Verdict

The quality of the product is definitely worth the price, and it does look great. But more importantly, it makes life a lot more convenient where relaxing is concerned.



Ease of Use


A final advantage to using inflatable sofas is that they are relatively cheap to purchase. When searching for a typical memory foam or spring-and-foam couch, you will note that the higher quality options are costly. Young families do not have money to spend on expensive items of furniture; therefore, low-cost inflatable sofas can be the ideal option for a new home.

The Drawbacks Of The Inflatable Couch

Despite the various benefits to using an inflatable couch, there are numerous drawbacks that must be considered. The first of these drawbacks is that inflatable couches require a lengthy assembly. Contrary to popular belief, inflating a sofa is not a simple procedure, and the process can be quite time-consuming. To assemble this item, you are required to construct the item and inflate the material, which can be complex. Fortunately, once the sofa is assembled it is permanently fixed, and the only thing you will need to consider is the inflation.

Inflation is a simple procedure using a single assembly pump which is mechanical in nature. This need to use a pump can be a disadvantage because it causes an overall reliance on the equipment. If the pump should become faulty, the couch cannot be inflated or used. Repair can be completed using a warranty or through purchase. Luckily, pumps are not expensive and are readily available.

Review Of Intex Pull-Out Sofa Inflatable Bed

Just imagine how relaxing it is to sip a beer or snack on popcorn on your sofa in front of the TV! If you are addicted to this kind of behavior, you require a good sofa. That's where the Intex Sofa Cum Inflatable Queen Bed comes in handy. The product is well-designed, easy to operate, quite durable, and super comfortable. You can relax on the sofa at home or while on a camping trip and pull out the cushion into a queen size air mattress whenever you want to sleep. The sofa inflates rapidly and is ready to go within minutes. This article provides a comprehensive review of the Intex Sofa And Inflatable Queen Bed.

The product is manufactured using high-quality vinyl and is made to easily accommodate two people whether you watch TV or sleep on it. There are two inflation and deflation valves for maximum convenience of the customer. But the product doesn't include a pump which you cannot expect them to provide for such a low price. Its measurements are approximately 76" wide, 91" long and 28" high. There are cup holders that come handy for glasses, bottles, or to hold a remote control in an emergency.

The sofa is made of a thick vinyl material to withstand most of the elements. It can be used outdoors since it is puncture resistant. This has made the sofa much more durable.


  • Comfortable and versatile for numerous uses
  • Fast inflation and deflation
  • Quite sturdy and can hold up to 450 lbs
  • The sofa stays inflated for days
  • Easy to clean using water and a cloth
  • Affordable compared to other inflated sofas


  • Contains a strange smell
  • Too low
  • Three separate sections to inflate

All in all, the Intex Sofa and Inflatable Bed is one of the best of its kind on the market today.



Ease of Use


Unlike traditional non-inflatable couches, the inflatable sofa warranty is much shorter, and this can be considered a drawback. If the pump should present with a fault or require replacement, a shorter warranty may end before one could claim coverage. This means that you will be required to pay for the repairs or replacement personally. Nowadays, the cost of a new pump is often the same as a repair; therefore, it may be more beneficial to purchase a new pump instead of claiming repairs.

The final drawback to using an inflatable couch is that the pump may be noisy. The mechanism in the pump rotor can be loud, particularly in the cheaper brands, which could be frustrating for the owner. This issue may not be experienced by all individuals as the higher quality brands need to use pumps for inflation or deflation exclusively. However, if you rely on the pump for continued inflation, it is possible that noise will be presented after a while because you are using the pump a great deal.

Final Words On The Matter

Purchasing the ideal furniture for your home is an important factor to consider when designing your home interior. Using the information above, you should have enough information to determine if the inflatable couch is suitable for your needs.

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