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Jumping into the pool is something that many people want to do over the summer months. However, not everyone is able to afford an in-ground pool which is why there are so many inflatable pools available for purchase. However, before you rush to buy an inflatable pool you need to know a bit about them, their benefits and how to choose the right one.


Shipping Weight


Water Capacity


Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center

16.3 lbs.

117" X 76" X 53"

77 Gal.

Intex Swim Center Clearview Aquarium

8.1 lbs.

62.5" X 62.5" X 19.5"

14 Gal

Intex Oval Frame Pool Set

173 lbs.

20' X 12' X 48"

4,393 Gal

Summer Escapes Quick Set Ring Pool

27.6 lbs.

10' x 30"

75 Gal

Intex Round Easy Set Swimming Pool

78 lbs.

18' x 48"

135 lbs.

Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Infatable Slide Bouncer

46.5 lbs.

144'' x 144'' x 101''

350 lbs (weight limit)

What Is An Inflatable Pool?

Before you buy an inflatable pool you need to know a bit about them. As the name suggests, these pools are above-ground inflatable constructions which can be filled with water. The modern inflatable pool is generally made with rubber and PVC or polyvinyl chloride. There will usually be 3 layers of PVC to ensure that the pool is durable and offers stable siding.

Inflatable pools are generally round or oval in shape. Many of them will have an inflatable ring at the top of the siding which increases the stability of the pool. Many of the children-friendly models will also have an inflatable bottom which softens the ground.

Intex Swimming Pool Review

The perfect swimming pool requires ideal sizing, simple setting up, and long-term durability. If you aren't getting this from the swimming pool, you won't want to use it for too long. This is why you want to take a look at this review on the Intex Swimming Pool to see how it does. Here is what this review has to say about the product by Intex.


  • 18 x 48 Inch Swimming Pool
  • Includes Two Outer Layers For Reinforcement
  • Offers 30-Gauge Sidewalls For Durability
  • Easy To Set Up


  • Durable: What is the one thing you are going to want from any swimming pool in this day and age? You want something that's durable, which is what you are going to find here as soon as you use it. The reinforcement is excellent around the seams.
  • Easy To Set Up: It doesn't take long to set up, and you should have the swimming pool in place within minutes if not faster. This is one of the major plus points of this swimming pool. Intex has spent time on the easiness of its design to ensure it works well when it is taken out of the packaging.


  • No Hose Connectors: This is the only con you are going to see with this swimming pool. It doesn't come with hose connectors, and they have to be purchased separately unless you have them lying around at home from before. Think about this before you buy!

Concluding Thoughts

For those who don't mind the lack of hose connectors, you are going to enjoy this swimming pool from Intex. It does its job to a tee and is a real pool. You will enjoy having it around as it provides a lot of space and is a joy to use.



Ease of Use


The Benefits Of Inflatable Pools

There are a number of benefits that you will get from having an inflatable pool when compared to a traditional in-ground pool. The primary benefit is that they are quick to install. Most inflatable pools will take between 10 to 45 minutes to inflate and set up. Of course, the time taken will vary depending on the overall size of the pool.

Another benefit to these pools is that they are mobile and can be installed almost anywhere. You can also easily remove the pool when it is not longer in use or when summer is over. To set up the pool all you need is an area which is flat and access to water to fill the pool.

Inflatable pools are also portable which is ideal if you are going to be moving or visiting a location without a pool. When deflated the pool will be compact and will be easy to move.

Inflatable pools are also ideal for people with children as they offer soft sides and come in a variety of different designs. If you have a small child you can choose a small inflatable pool that does not hold much water. However, as they become older you could look at a deeper pool.

The PVC materials used for these pools are also very easy to clean. You will simply need to wipe the inside of the pool to clean it. The last benefit of inflatable pools is that they are much cheaper than their traditional rivals. Check on this more helpful article and see what fun activities you can do in a pool.

When looking at the benefits of these pools it is important that you also consider the drawbacks. The primary drawback of these pools is that they are fragile compared to traditional pools. An inflatable pool will generally last 2 to 3 years before you need to replace it. There is also the chance that it could be damaged and torn even with the durable PVC being used.

A Review Of The Intex Oval Pool

In this review I will be covering the Intex 20 ft X 12 ft X 48 in Oval Pool. This pool set is one of the top selling options on Amazon and has proved to be rather popular among families looking to erect a pool in their back yard.

First for the specifications. The pool is 20 feet by 12 feet and holds around 4 feet of water. When fully filled, it holds around 4,500 gallons of water. The sides are supported by strong frames, and the pool itself is double lined to prevent leaks.

Overall, this pool holds up well to backyard fun. it can have up to 8 people inside, although it is much more comfortable for 5 or fewer people. It has enough room to play pool games, and the depth allows for actual swimming rather than just wading. It is deep enough for adults to enjoy, but also shallow enough that younger children can safely enjoy themselves as well.

Installing a good filtration system along with the pool will ensure that the water rarely needs to be changed. This means that it saves water compared to other pools of this type, but also that the water isn't going to harbor anything that could be harmful. There are a number of great filters that can easily be integrated into the pool, and people have even reported success using salt water systems as well.

The pool does need level ground, but most people find that this isn't an issue. One thing to remember is that the frame needs to be on a level area in addition to the pool itself.

Taken care of well, this pool lasts more than a single season and can be easily put up and taken down each and every year.



Ease of Use


How To Choose An Inflatable Pool

If you have decided to buy an inflatable pool then you may be overwhelmed with the options available. To choose the best pool you need to consider the size and design as well as the accessories which are included. It is also important that you consider the budget you have when looking at the pools.

The first point you have to look at is the size of the pool. Inflatable pools range in size from fairly small at 90 cm to fairly large at 6 meters. To determine the size that you need you have to consider who will be using the pool and the water supply you have access to. A large pool will take a long time to inflate and fill which could be a problem if you want your children to have a quick dip in the pool.

It is recommended that you look at a smaller pool if your children will be using it. Deep inflatable pools have the same risks as a deep in-ground pool and you need to be aware of this. However, if you are looking to spend time in the pool as a family then a larger and deeper pool could work better.

There are many different designs that you can get with inflatable pools. The standard pools will be oval in shape with very few frills. However, it is possible to get pools designed for children to have more fun. These pools will generally have some form of a slide or other fun activity for children. When looking at the design you should also consider the color and overall appearance of the pool.

Many people neglect to look at the accessories that come with their inflatable pool and this is a mistake. You need to ensure that the pool has a filter pump which purifies the water in the pool. This will create a healthy swimming environment and is important for your safety. You also need to consider if there is any bedding for the bottom of the pool to stop any damage.

If you are looking at a larger pool then you need to know if a ladder will also be provided. There is no point in having a large pool if you cannot easily get into it. The pool should also come with a net that allows you to remove any debris which falls into the pool while it is set up.

Little Tikes Rocky Mountain Inflatable Bouncer

When it comes to inflatable bouncers, you are going to want the best, but there are many options to look at. This is where you're going to hear about the Little Tikes Rocky Mountain Inflatable Bouncer.

Does it do a good job of what it has to offer? This review is going to analyze the inflatable bouncer to see if it has the quality you're on the lookout for or not.


  • Robust Inflatable Water Bouncer With Two Slides And Climbing Wall
  • Includes Raised Island Rest Area
  • Designed For Easy Access
  • Easy To Anchor Into Place
  • Offers Space For Maximum Of 4 Kids At A Time


  • Perfect For Wet and Dry Conditions: The charm of this inflatable bouncer is knowing you can enjoy both wet and dry conditions. This is pertinent when it comes to maximizing the playing time for children. They can hop into the bouncer when it's dry and still get a lot out of it. The same applies to when it is wet.
  • Fun: There is so much to do whether they are bouncing around, climbing walls, or even taking a look at the unique splash pool. It is an ideal fit in that regard.


  • Does Not Dry Properly: You will not be able to dry it in seconds. You are going to need to hang it up to get those last few droplets, which can be frustrating for people who want a quick drying process.

Concluding Thoughts

​The Little Tikes Rocky Mountain Inflatable Bouncer is a one-stop entertainment bonanza for children. They're going to lap it up, and this is an excellent addition to any summer party. Give it a shot because it doesn't get better than this inflatable bouncer. It is one of the better options on the market right now.



Ease of Use


The last accessory that you need to ensure your pool has is a repair kit or a maintenance set. While the 3 layers of PVC are durable, this does not mean that you will never need to repair your pool. The repair kit should also have information about how to repair the pump and information on pump maintenance.

Before you buy an inflatable pool you need to know a bit about them. There are many benefits to owning an inflatable pool including the easy setup and low initial costs. However, you need to ensure that you look at all aspects of the pool before you buy it.

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