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Inflatable Movie Screens buyers guide

There are a lot of nifty devices and gadgets that you can purchase to make the most out of a movie night — including things like projectors and LCD screens. Inflatable movie screens are also a great purchase that you can make if you are a movie buff looking to get the most out of any movie night or related event. With this in mind, you need to learn a little bit more about inflatable screens, the benefit of purchasing them and some words of advice related to making a purchase. Take advantage of these tips to get your hands on an inflatable movie screen that can serve you.

Movie Screens




Gemmy Airblown 39127-32


123" W x 70" H

Loch IWS200 - 24 Foot Diagonal Total


174" W x 86.2" H

Mega Screen Movie Screen


96” W x 58” H

Instant Inflatable Home Theater Projection Screen


72" Diagonal

What are the benefits of inflatable movie screens?

#1: They are not very expensive

When it comes to buying inflatable movie screens, you can get a lot for a little bit of money — relatively speaking. A lot of people have enjoyed these movie screens, so it will not be difficult to find one in your price range. Whether you are planning a child’s birthday party or would like to open up your outdoor movie theater, you will be able to take advantage of high-quality movie screens that do not necessarily cost you an arm and a leg. It is important to realize this because many people assume that this is a daunting purchase that will break the bank — but this is simply not the case.

A Quick Review Of The Sima XL-72 Instant Inflatable Home Theater Projection Screen

I don't know about you, but I love hosting a movie night. And when it gets to be summer time, I love hosting huge movie bashes on my lawn! There's not much better than getting a bunch of friends around, putting up a projector, and watching a movie or the big game while grilling and drinking outside!

For outdoor viewing parties, you want a great inflatable home theater projection screen. So I took a look at the Sima XL-72. It's an inflatable projection screen that gives you 72 inches worth of screen in 16:9 high definition. That's pretty big for an inflatable screen.

One of the more common complaints about this particular screen is the wrinkles. Because it's designed to fold to such a small size for easy storage, the screen is a bit wrinkled when it's fully inflated. For some, this ruins the viewing experience. For myself, the fact that it has rear projection makes up for it. Because the screen allows rear projection, I can set my projector up far away from the viewing area. No worries about sounds or bright lights to bother me!

If there's an actual downside to this screen, it's the durability. The screen itself is solid, no worries there. But the pegs used to hold it down tend to snap easily. They can be replaced, and you can even use tent pegs, so this didn't bother me. Still, it may bother others, so I mention it here.

So what's my final verdict? This is a good screen for the price. If you're willing to throw down a lot more money, you can get a bigger, smoother screen, sure. But you may not want to spend that much. The Sima XL-72 even comes with an inflation pump, meaning you don't even have to have one on hand. All in all, it's a good screen for a good price.



Ease of Use


#2: They allow for outdoor movies

If you have ever wanted to view an outdoor movie, now is your chance. There are very few outdoor movie theaters still around, so you do not have very many opportunities to do so. However, with the purchase of inflatable movie screens, you will be able to do just that. This is perfect for a summer night and will give you the opportunity to host a family cookout that is one for the ages. The screens are sturdy and durable and large enough to have a movie night under the stars if this is something that interests you.

#3: They are weather resistant

Because these movie screens are weather resistant, you do not have to worry about them becoming damaged during a rainstorm. They blow up with ease and are sturdy and durable, even when it is windy outside. Anytime you are planning to purchase one of these movie screens, you need to make sure that you do so by shopping for one of the best brands available and by figuring out which will best serve you. As you shop around, you will give a better idea of their resistance to weather so that you will know what kind of conditions you can put them up against.

Mega Portable Outdoor Inflatable Projection Movie Screen

If you are looking for a big screen for a great outdoor screening experience, the Mega Outdoor Movie Screen one of the best options in the market. It is feature-filled, easy to use, and produces great picture quality.


  • Big Screen Size - Measuring96X58 inches (9 feet diagonal), users can be assured of a great screening experience
  • Inflatable Screen Frame. The frame of this screen is inflated using a blower motor in about 2 minutes, which makes for an easy setup. The frame also comes with tie-down strings or tethers for a firm stationing.
  • Lightweight Construction. For its large size, it weighs very little. It weighs only 11 pounds.
  • Adjustment Straps. It comes with inbuilt adjustment straps that help tighten the screen and get rid of folding lines that may affect the quality of display of the screen.

The Good

​The number one merit of the screen is its size which offers a stellar screening experience. However, the merits do not end with the size of the screen. It is also incredibly easy to set up the screen for use. As mention above, it comes with an inflating motor that automatically sets up the screen frame in as little as 2 minutes.

​The compact design of the storage package is also a plus especially when storage space is a premium for you. Once deflated, it is packed in a gym-sized bag that occupies very little space.

The Bad

One of the most prominent demerits of using this mega screen is the constant motor sound, which can be distracting to some. However, since no one should view the screen up close, it should be a problem to many. Once you move further from the screen the motor is inaudible.

​In conclusion, all things considered, the screen is quite great for outdoor screening. With little to no hassles involved in the setup, users are assured of a great user experience.



Ease of Use


What should I know about buying an inflatable movie screen?

#1: Buy the size that suits you the most

Now you are ready to shop for a movie screen, start by figuring out what size you want. Reach out to a company that sells these screens to get a feel for which sizes are ideal. They will usually provide you with some recommendations which will make it easier for you to come to such a decision. You should also think about how many times or how frequently you plan to use the screens because this will play a large role in your decision to make such an ambitious purchase as well.

#2: Find the highest rated brands and types of movie screens

Do a little bit of homework and figure out which inflatable movie screens are the best around. You will usually be able to come up with a few major brands and will allow yourself the opportunity to shop accordingly and make the right decision. Don’t hesitate to search for reviews as well to make sure you are doing your best to match up with screens that will serve you for the long haul. Because this is a large screen that you will want to keep for a long time, you can never do too much research ahead of time.

The Gemmy Airblown 39127-32 Inflatable Movie Screen Review

People love portable gadgets and items, especially if does something unique or solves an essential problem. In this case, the Gemmy Airblown 39127-32 Inflatable Movie Screen allows you to solve the problem of portable presentations and entertainment.

​Features And Specs

​This is self-inflating movie screen that can be used just about anywhere. Whether it's for professional presentations in a semi-remote location, or simply to enjoy on a family movie night in the backyard, the Gemmy Airblown is something worth considering.

​The features include:

  • The speed at which the movie screen inflates is very quick
  • It measures an impressive 12 feet wide, with a 123 x 70 inch screen platform
  • It can be used for entertainment and professional purposes
  • It's incredibly easy to carry around
  • The package includes all the necessities, such as a tether, fan, yard stakes and a bag

Positive Customer Reviews

At the time of this review the Gemmy Airblown had 377 reviews, averaging at 4.3 stars.

Users particularly like the size of the screen. It's big enough to host a fairly big showing so-to-speak. Another thing users are raving about is the quality of the product for the decent price. The ease of setting up will also come up numerous times, along with being the talk of the neighborhood.

Negative Customer Reviews

After the screen has been inflated there are a few wrinkles, but these are non-obtrusive as the movie starts playing, which is confirmed by the customers. One customer simply ironed them out and didn't have any problems further. There was also a complaint that the screen doesn't hold up under light wind pressure.

The Final Verdict

When comparing the price to the quality of the product, it's a pretty wise purchase. The size really does make a difference and ease of setting it up so quickly helps a lot.



Ease of Use


#3: Figure out the costs and shop around

Set up a budget and know what price you do not want to spend over. From here, you will be able to shop with movie screening companies that can sell you what you need. They will usually start by laying out a price range and will show you all of the available models within the price range. Give yourself time to shop around for the best deal so that you can get an inflatable movie screen that does not hurt your bank account.

#4: Buy a warranty and insurance on the movie screen

You also will work to put a warranty and insurance plan in place whenever purchasing a movie screen. Doing this will give you the opportunity to protect the screen if it happens to puncture or deal with any other kinds of damage. Because of the nature of inflatable screens, you should always buy insurance plan to go with it just to be on the safe side. These insurance plans should not cost you much but will go a long way toward protecting your screen.

#5: Take care of the inflatable movie screen the best that you can

Be sure that you also take the time to wash, clean and care for your screen properly. This way, it will last for years and allow you to watch movies in comfort and with ease.
If you focus on these tips, you will be able to buy an inflatable movie screen that you can install and use for any movie showing. Doing this will give you the opportunity to have a great time and thankfully, there are a lot of companies available that can sell you a screen if this is what you need. Start out by following these tips and then you will be in good hands once you are ready to shop around.

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